The Mural

It was a wet day today so, I spent a better of my day, on snooze mode however, when the morn soon turn evening, I took a walk round memory lane where it all began for me. Ironically, it marked the end of my secondary school education (high school).

As a tradition, the school management gives a part of the wall to the graduating class to paint something symbolic about their set. The mural was usually painted by art students or art inclined students because ain't nobody wanna make a mess of something that's should a big deal. Recently, I had the opportunity of going back there, I was surprised to see the tradition still continued.

It has been over 5 years since I left the school although the transition was a bit hard for me because, I never did fit in at school (that's a subject, we'll unfold another time). Anyway, I was perplexed to still see our mural up the wall though, not as new as it looked when we left because the salt from the wind had started to take its toll on the painting.

The painting, old. I decided to give it some thought as to what the mural meant to me. A thought five years ago, I didn't bother having because I was excited to have the status of secondary school girl worn off of me to some big girl status. (Don't judge me, it was all I could think of as at that age).

Looking at the joker, I simply thought the artists in my class group thought the joker was an all-time rave in 2014 but looking in-depth, I realised what the joker symbolised to me and it is still very much valid.

The joker to me was a symbol of façade, pain and outlier. He put out a mask of always smiling though he wasn't always happy. He was in so much pain caused by others and seemed to see the world differently for it. I may not be as crazy as the joker character but, I do have some crazy traits that have manifested in my years and I have learnt a bit more about myself from it.

I have to give kudos to the art team, they did great.

I also observed the other murals which bore their own meaning. Albeit, I'm unsure of how long the joker mural will remain on the wall but its memory will remain. Unscathed for as long as I live.



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